Friday, July 20, 2012

On Book Trailers

Hello lovelies,
So lately I've been seeing more and more book trailers hitting the interwebs. It's a little crazy because even a year ago you say "book trailer" and everyone would go "So they're making a movie out of the book?" It's interesting how the industry continues to grow and flourish, bringing new and exciting things our way. Honestly, I've seen some quite impressive ones and some not so impressive. For me, the trailer doesn't have to have a lot of actors and look like a movie for it to be impressive. It just needs to speak of the book. I like the whole idea behind a book trailer and I hope one day my book will have a pretty sweet one as well. :)
Here are some of my recent favorites:

This book is seriously fabulous!!! I was the first person to receive an ARC of it and I can't wait to finally share the review with you! I LOVE this trailer! This trailer is amazing! Seriously, I thought this was a movie at first! I have this book but haven't read it yet. Bought it because of the trailer!  
I like this trailer because it portrays the book so well. You can feel the darkness and the madness of the world Julie created!  
I haven't read any of these books but now I feel like I must. This is one of those "talking" trailer with actors and I think its great!  
I adore this trailer to pieces! I haven't read the book yet although its high on my list! I love how intense it is! This is probably one of my favorite books of last year! I LOVED the book to pieces and I think the trailer does a fabulous job with it! 
So here are some of my favorites! 
What are yours? Do you prefer actors or words? 
Let me know!!! 

Have a great day! 

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