Friday, September 21, 2012

On Taking Breaks...

Hello lovelies,

Happy Friday everyone!
If you follow me on twitter you must've heard that I started a new project. This is quite an undertaking for me because it's new and exciting and totally different from anything I've ever written before. There are aspects to this story that I've been in love with for what seems like ever and I feel like I'm finally a strong enough writer to give it a go. Sure, I might crash and burn, but it's a learning process and I'm determined to learn.
That said, I will be taking a break from this blog for the duration of the project. I feel like I need to focus my own blog more on the writing aspects and therefore I think it would be better to take a break. You can still find me and my shenanigans over at and I will be returning to regularly scheduled programing here, but for right now, it's vacation time!
I hope you continue to follow me on twitter, because the madness is here! :-)
I leave you with a music video for the movie Pitch Perfect that I'm in! (The music video that is, not the movie)

Much Love, 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Books and more books...

Hello darlings, 
Today we're talking about reading. I've been doing a lot of reviews lately. To be honest, it's been a bit hectic since I don't have as much time to read as I normally do right now. It's a good thing and it's a bad thing. It's good because this means my work career is progressing and I'm getting somewhere and it's bad because obviously I'm not reading as much as I want to. 
But, I've read some awesome books lately and today I wanted to give you a few recent favorites as recommendations. Let's get this ball rolling!

I cannot start with anything but this book. Honestly, probably one of my favorite reads not only in the past month, but the past few months. I love everything about Storm. I love the characters; how real and fun they are. I love how well balanced and rounded the story is. Seriously, it's hard to manage that many important characters in one book and not forget someone or leave them with just a few points. I think is partially the reason while I love the story so much. I never felt like anyone was left behind and that's serious kuddos to Brigid because that's hard to do. I know in my own writing I'm afraid to lose that battle, but there was none of that for Storm. And guys, the boys in this book? Holy Smoking Batman!!!!  If the only reason you read this book is to find out why I said that, Do It! No seriously, just read it. You'll love it! 
Spark is the second book in the series and as soon as I'm free enough to go find a bookstore, I'll be in need of that book! 

So I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I got it for review before it came out and I wasn't really sure how I'll feel about it. First of all, the cover is awesome. Not sure about the cheer uniform (you'll understand after you read the book) but the whole thing just works for me. As for the story itself? Like I said, pleasantly surprised. The main heroine is a fun girl to read. I mean she really grew through the whole book, and I was cheering for her. As for the main guy, well it took me a moment to like him, but I did. Those qualities of a hero were a bit buried but they came out in the end and I wanted to hug him for it. The other characters added a nice touch to the story as well. Then, there were zombies. I'm really starting to like me a good zombie story and this one was interesting. My only concern with this book is that it's book one in a series and I didn't know that going in. I need to know what happens now!!! Seriously, that ending??? AH!

Yes, I know this one is not out yet, but I had to add it to my list of awesome. Seriously, Julie is fabulous and I adore her Fey series to pieces. I was sad to say goodbye to Meg and Ash, but guess what? You don't really have to!!! 
Ethan is such a darling. Yes, he'll probably go all martial arts on me for saying that but I'm not afraid (well, maybe a little). I loved seeing Ethan grow up. I really feel like I got to, because I read the first series, I was there when he was kidnapped and when Meg found him. I remember his crying and being scared. Now, he stands a man before us and his story is just as powerful as Meg's was. I love Ethan's "tough guy" attitude and his absolutely soft heart. It also helps that he's gorgeous. Yes, that boy grew up nicely. Is that wrong of me to say? Anyway, moving on. Kenzie was a fun character as well. She brought out parts of Ethan we wouldn't have seen otherwise. And the other characters? Let's just say it's a win all around. Julie, I'd like more now please! 

Last, but definitely not least, we have Cursed by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I know you all know that I am one of the biggest fangirls when it comes to Jen's writing. Her characters are just too much fun and her stories really make you get lost in the pages. Cursed is a win win for me. I love the main and secondary characters. I love the story line and the whole progression of it. Sure, Ember drove nuts sometimes. And sure, I wanted to jump Hayden (which I find normal when it comes to Jen's boy characters). Seriously, what not to love. 
For me, Cursed is just another example of how to write relationships well. I tell this to Jen all the time. She's so good at creating just enough tension, just enough of conflict, just enough of emotion, that you can't help but cheer for your characters. I wouldn't be opposed if there was a book two. Hint. Hint. 

Well, those are my recent favorite reads!! What do you think?

What are you reading?

Have a wonderful weekend, 

Friday, August 24, 2012

When you have nothing to say...

Hello darlings,

So today you get another dose of Friday Fun because I'm not feeling well and writing anything is like pulling teeth at the moment. So here are a few things that I've been up to this week. Enjoy!

Slightly in love with all of these! Any movies you're looking forward to? 

Have a great weekend, 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Surprises, who likes surprises?

Hello lovelies,

So today I don't have much for you, just a video I made, full of book and author love! I know, I'm so creative!
But before I share that creation with you, I have some news. Well, kind of, because I can't really share the news just yet.
Here's the deal: we're going to have another blogger joining our YA Warehouse family!! *SQUEE*

Guys, you're going to be so ecstatic when you see who it is! I'm not kidding! I'll give you a hint. She's a debut author, who's book hit the shelves recently (and it's awesome). Are you excited yet? You should be! Anyway, I'll be a posting a full introduction when the time comes so look for that. In the meantime, what do you think of my video?

Much love, 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Favorite Tools Part 1

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week I want to talk about my favorite tools. No not screwdrivers and such! Who am I kidding? I break things more than fix them. I'm meaning writing tools. I always love reading posts about what they must have within reach while writing. I like to compare what they are doing to my own process as well as learn some new things to try out. Lets get started!

I am really picky with pens. They have to be fast with the ink flow and feel good in my hand. I used alot of gel pens at first but after awhile they would get spotty with the ink when I wrote and I hated that! Not all of them do it but I got tired of testing them. Then I bought these little babies and I was hooked. They flow very fast and I never ever have a problem with them getting clogged. It is a wider writing size which doesn't bother me. I write very big anyway. I usually stick with the black and buy them in two packs. I do like the other colors as well but I don't use them on a regular basis but I more than likely will when I get into the editing phase of my writing. The teal and purple are sooo pretty on paper :D 

I am also a bit picky with my notebooks. I usually buy a bunch of different ones and never use them. HA I do the same thing with journals. I buy fancy leather ones or ones with pretty stationary but the same thing always happens with those--I feel I have to write perfect words in them and so they never get filled. These composition notebooks are super cheap, especially right now since it is back to school season. I usually stock up on them around this time because of it. I buy the ones that have about 100 pages in them and wide ruled because I write big. Composition makes a bunch of different designs and colors but I get the black and white styles. When I start a new one, I take sharpies to it and color in the white areas. It always makes me feel creative knowing I filled one and now I'm making a new one to fill. I also love how they are made of heavy cardboard because I tend to put them through alot. I've been using these notebooks since about 7th grade so I don't see these going getting discontinued anytime soon. 

If you have read my personal blog you know that I am a HUGE note card user. I use them to outline and make small notes that my brain spills out. I usually move those note cards over into Scrivner when I'm done. I like the option to move them around until I have all my scenes in the preferred order. I buy them around school season and stock up and get the Mead brand with lines but they also make them in plain. 

I didn't even know that these existed until I watched Jackson Pearce on a Liveshow. I sometimes put notes on my wall with post its and I was using just the regular ones. When I saw her post these suckers up, my mouth dropped open. I found them in stacks of 25 at Target for less than a dollar and all the main office stores sell them in larger stacks. The best thing about them that you can peel them and stick them without losing the same stickiness. 

As I write this, I have two of these in my office. One of them is hung up and the other sits right in front of me on my desk in the size of 24x36 The one on my desk has alot of character pictures and motivational quotes plus my favorite fortune cookie quotes. I'd show it to you but it has alot of secret stuff :P 

I also have two of these hanging in my office. I use them for my full adhesive post its because my office walls are textured so they don't stick well to them. Both boards are 24x36 like the cork boards. Currently they are filling up with notes on the #classified series and ideas for a different stand alone novel. 

I can't express how much I am in love with this flippin' app. I started using this about 8 months ago and instantly fell in love with it. I have a droid smart phone and of course it is always with me unlike my composition notebook. I use catch notes on the fly and even when I wake up in the middle of the night with a new idea. Instead of turning on the light to write it down, I just open up the app. One of the best features on it is the fact that you can organize your notes by hashtags! It saves your hashtags so you can pick from the list or add a new hashtag. Then you can view your notes by each hashtag if you choose. You can make txt, pic, and sound notes which I love. I don't use this just for writing but anything and everything in general. Plus the app saves it online in case something happens to your phone. You only have to re-download and sign in to view all of your notes unharmed. *love* 

I use PC and have never owned a Mac. I would like to give one a shot one day but it really isn't in my budget right now. I have two laptops: one for my writing which has a 15 in screen and the other with a 17 in screen that I use for my art. I also have a second monitor that I use when I am at home. If I am just surfing online or writing/researching, I have it hooked up to my laptop. I tend to multi-task so instead of tabbing alot, I use both screens. Sometimes I even have a movie or youtube going while I use the other monitor to surf. 

Check back next week for Part 2! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday is Full of Laughs and Wonder

Well hello there beautiful people,

So today I'm swamped with craziness and therefore have no time to write. And that goes for every kind of writing you can think of. Blogging. Secret Project. Letters. (Also, for some reason my inner voice has a British accent today, hmmm)
Anyway, I thought I'd share some awesome videos with you instead. Maybe brighten your day a little? Ya?

And yes, the goat, I had to! 
Hope you have a great day!

If you'd like to share some great Youtube videos, leave a link below and I'll come check it out!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Working Doc

If any of you are up to date with the YA world you know who Laini Taylor is by now. If not, SHAME ON YOU! I recently became a fan since reading The Daughter of Smoke and Bone. The girl knows how to write but not only that, she give some great writing based advice. Usually after reading a book, I check out the authors blog/twitter if I'm not already hooked on them. I like to get a feel for their process.

It is no surprise that I have been having some problems on the writing front. No matter the kicking I give myself to put my butt in the chair, I just stare at the stupid blinking line that mocks me with the fact I can't seem to write a freakin' word. Now, I'm a perfectionist and sometimes to a fault. This is where Laini comes in. I rummaged around her blog and found a post where she mentioned what she calls a "Working Doc." She then linked me over to a different blog of hers where she talks about it. I recommend that you read all the posts on Not For Robots. I can't express enough how informative it was.

In short, the Working Doc is a document separate from your MS. I think of it a journal for my MS. I can sit there and say whatever I want inside it without criticism from anyone including myself. I can yell at characters who are hiding something from me (which is what I'm currently doing with my lead), keep blabbing about life until I can see the scene fully, spit out the things I see in the scene, etc. Doing all of this helps me focus better and makes me feel that it is ok to suck in this doc because it isn't really what's going in my MS. I can sift through all the crap and pick out lines that I like or a certain idea and expand on it, then move it over to the real MS.

I'm not really sure how or why it works but out of all of the things I've tried, this seems to work the best. This is one of those things I say "Don't knock it till you've tried it." Happy writing! Let me know if it works or you and give a shout out to Laini as well. I'm sure she would be delighted to hear she has helped out more writers with her process.

PS! I'm starting up on my own blog again after quite the break. I have some cool stuff coming up so stick around y'all! Yes I can say y'all ppl! I was born in the sticks. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Letting your subject find you...

Hello lovelies, 
    This morning I woke up all confused about what day it was. My end days at work changed and so while normally today for me would be Sunday, it's not. It's Friday. Which means I have to write a post. *Let the panic set in*
    Don't get me wrong, I love having a writer centered blog (with some awesome ladies) but sometimes I'm just not exactly sure what to write. Then, inspiration struck! *BAAM* While I was browsing twitter I stumbled upon this link to an awesome article GO HERE (Thanks Veronica Rossi for always sending greatness my way) It's basically an outline of How To Write rules by Colson Whitehead. It's amazing! Seriously, you guys should go read it, it will help you. 
    Rule #2 is simple: Don't go searching for your subject, let you subject find you. Deep, I know! And I'm sure we've talked about this before, I'm definitely sure you've heard it, but sometimes it seems we forget how important this aspect is. 
    Even in my own writing, sometimes, I want to "push" things when I really shouldn't. For example, I'm in love with fantasy right now. Seriously, if you haven't read Throne of Glass & Seraphina you're missing out, majorly! In my own writing, I'd love to write a stellar fantasy, preferably with lots of dragons. Just look at this beauty!

    But I can't. I know for a fact, that right now, I'm not a strong enough writer for a fantasy. Right now, my mind and my writing are on thriller/mystery type of stories, with a bit of romance. That is what came to me and that is what I write well. While I'd love to someday follow my dream and create something awesome with dragons in it, that someday is now right now. 
   Letting a subject find you allows you to write something you love and something that others will love. If you're sitting in front of you computer, crying your eyes out because you want to make this story great, pushing it out with your whole being, and begging your characters to work with you, then maybe this is not the story you should be writing at the moment. (I have to say though, if that's how you write, then write, but it doesn't work for me) I had to do that. I have two great ideas on the back burner because I know for a fact I can't do them justice right now. And who'd want to read something if you wouldn't want to read it yourself? 
  Well, that is my two cents. Take it or leave it. But I really do hope that when you write, you write something you love. That's the most important part. 
What you think? 

Much love, 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Books on Writing

In the last week or so I have been diving into some books on writing. I have quite a few that sit upon my own shelves that I have read pieces here and there. To be honest some of them I find not my type of books. Yes I understand they are meant to be for educational purposes but I don't find them engaging at the same time. That was until I ran across Writing Down the Bones by Victoria Goldberg. I completely devoured it in a single day. Everything she talks about in that book, I have been feeling. It was so strong that I felt like it was wrote to me, for that very moment. Since reading it, I have put "Thunder and Lightening" on hold at the library. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

I was also recommended Plot & Structure, written by James Scott Bell, by Kristen Lamb. I just started it and I'm only a 100 pages or so in but so far it is crazy informative. Things that you find are common sense your mind doesn't really think of. I know that sounds strange but if you have been through it, then you know what I am trying to say. Even though I am not that far into it I HIGHLY recommend it to every writer. Heck, any of his writing books are a must buy. I have a few and loved them all.

I was at my town library, yes I go to two different libraries on a regular basis and yes that makes me a super nerd, I ran across The Zen of Writing by Ray Bradbury. If you guys don't know I am a big Ray fan. I have been for many many years and I knew that he wrote a book like this but I never read it. The book is essays on the art of writing and creativity with a splash of his life thrown in. I already knew alot about his general life from interviews and articles I've read before but these essays dive deeper. I have one more essay left in the bunch but everyone should check this out. I'm considering doing his noun list that he talks about early on in the book to help find story ideas.

Next is Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. I have this sitting beside me on the desk as I write. I haven't started it quite yet but every writer I have spoke with about books on the craft, this one always comes up. Normally I read quite a few books at one time but I am trying to finish the other two before I start this one. I have a feeling that once I do, I will devour it the same as I did Writing Down the Bones.

Then there is the ever popular On Writing by Stephen King. I have read this book so many times that it is crazy. It seems every time that I read it, I find something new and I wonder how I had missed it before. The book is parted in two with one containing his life and then another section on his writing/advice. If you are ever going to read a writing book this is one that I suggest starting with.

To end with The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I have tried to do this 12 week program book 2 years ago when I was living in California but it really wasn't the right time to start it since I was driving back to Illinois. Now I have started it again and I'm on week 3. So far so good. I do my morning pages everyday and all the while I'm thinking, why haven't I been doing this forever. I know part of the reason why but still, I was silly not to keep with it. I have learned alot about myself and well as writing some interesting things in there. Of course, part of the idea of the morning pages is that you don't show anyone so sorry folks, nothing to see here :P

If there are any books that you have read on the craft and want to add to the list please do and please let me know. I am always looking for new stuff to try!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Time Reading

Hello lovelies, 
So today is the last day of my crazy work schedule and let me tell you, I'm SUPER excited! Mainly, I'm excited because this means I'll be getting back to writerly things. Goodness, I miss writing! I miss it like Arizona misses rain! Seriously people, it's sad. 
But anyway, I'll be back to writing and reading like a normal person and that makes me super happy. While I was basking in the happiness that will be my life (as soon as I pass this last final *freaks out*) I decided to share some "Summertime" reading ideas with you (Yes, I know its almost August and the end of Summer, but people, thats a whole MONTH of reading. Get on it).
Just because, you know, I'm all about reading. :-)

So here we go:

Honestly, this was such a cute read. At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but by the end I wanted the next book! The characters were fun to read about and I loved all the Italian aspects of the story. This was my first Lauren Henderson book and I'm looking forward to reading more of her stuff!

This one is so adorable I don't even know where to start. I've only read book one so far, but I have the others and I can't wait to get to them. Casey and Nate are wonderful characters and I thought the story was fun and interesting. I loved the different aspects of the story. I made my best friend read this one and she loved it too! 

You knew this one was coming right? Seriously, I'm pretty much obsessed with this book right now! I want to go out on August 7th and buy every copy! If you're not convinced this book is EPIC you really should be. I mean, come on, how much do I need to babble about these awesomesauce characters before you believe me? By the way, full review can be found HERE (click it. You know you want to). Book two, why aren't you here yet??? *sobs*

Guys, this book is seriously adorable. I read it pretty much in one sitting because the writing was just so fun and fresh. I love sweet love stories and this one didn't disappoint. It was also full on funny and the characters were beyond engaging. I can't wait to read more by Robin. This one's a winner! 
Also, here's a FULL review if you'd like. :)

Ok, this is another book you really should've been expecting. If I'm not talking about Throne of Glass I'm definitely talking about Shadow and Bone. Guys, Leigh is Amazing! No, really, I'm totally jealous of her awesomeness. This book is unlike anything I've read! I love how complex and crazy this book is, but I also love the fact that I can totally follow what's going on. I love the characters to pieces, and yes, even the Darkling. Really, if you haven't read this, you need to! 
Oh and FULL review can be found here (and its awesome because its full of gifs). :)

Well darlings, this is all for now! I tried to find books that would be fun and interesting to read.
What are some of the books you'd recommend? 
Leave us comments! 
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Happy reading!

Much love, 

Friday, July 20, 2012

On Book Trailers

Hello lovelies,
So lately I've been seeing more and more book trailers hitting the interwebs. It's a little crazy because even a year ago you say "book trailer" and everyone would go "So they're making a movie out of the book?" It's interesting how the industry continues to grow and flourish, bringing new and exciting things our way. Honestly, I've seen some quite impressive ones and some not so impressive. For me, the trailer doesn't have to have a lot of actors and look like a movie for it to be impressive. It just needs to speak of the book. I like the whole idea behind a book trailer and I hope one day my book will have a pretty sweet one as well. :)
Here are some of my recent favorites:

This book is seriously fabulous!!! I was the first person to receive an ARC of it and I can't wait to finally share the review with you! I LOVE this trailer! This trailer is amazing! Seriously, I thought this was a movie at first! I have this book but haven't read it yet. Bought it because of the trailer!  
I like this trailer because it portrays the book so well. You can feel the darkness and the madness of the world Julie created!  
I haven't read any of these books but now I feel like I must. This is one of those "talking" trailer with actors and I think its great!  
I adore this trailer to pieces! I haven't read the book yet although its high on my list! I love how intense it is! This is probably one of my favorite books of last year! I LOVED the book to pieces and I think the trailer does a fabulous job with it! 
So here are some of my favorites! 
What are yours? Do you prefer actors or words? 
Let me know!!! 

Have a great day! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Last night I was terrified. In the house we live right now, there are these weird bugs with crazy long and a crazy amount of legs called house Centipedes. I was told that they eat other bugs and not to worry about them. 

Freaky right? 

In the later evening there was a giant one on the ceiling of my bedroom. I am not one to kill bugs, other than nasty spiders, so I left him alone and went back in the living room. When I was ready for bed, I checked around and he was gone. I wasn't all that worried about him until I turned the lights out. The second it went pitch black I kept picturing him crawling from the wall and onto my pillow. I swear I could feel him by my ears and then my legs. Each tiny little leg tap, tapping on my freaked out skin. I batted and swatted; even turned on the light to see if he was there. When the light flicked on bright, blinding my sleepy eyes, the only thing in bed with me was my imagination. It is weird how our minds can play tricks on us and make us think or even feel like something is there. 

When you are younger they tell you to "get out of your head" or "Earth to Nova" but honestly I love being in my head where there are always places to visit, people to see, and adventures to have. I think you really need that time. Everyone does. I guess it is very Peter Pan of me but I feel like the day we loose that in ourselves, is the day we give up on life. If a child gives you a talking doll, you better talk back. You never know if that child can one day use that imagination to create the next Harry Potter. Let them teach you not to be so jaded in your adult life. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Never Alone! (the important stuff post)

Hello lovelies,
So today, I have another video for your viewing pleasures. Denise Jaden, the author of Never Enough, has put together a video for the release of her book. I think this video can be an encouragement for young and old and I wanted to share it with you!  
Inspiring isn't it? To know you're never alone, and that you are worth something more than what your "bad days self" tells you you do.
Maybe you've seen this post before but I'm going to share it anyway. 

I think, sometimes, we all need that reminder. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend! 
Much love, 

P.S. If you want to find out more about Denise or her book visit 

Friday, July 6, 2012

My Smash Book Flip Through #1

Hello Darlings! 
So remember how I showed you that video about the new Smash Books? And how I told you I wanted to make one? Well, I did! ;-) 
This is my summer journal project and I love it to pieces! It's a little slow moving since its only July but I thought I'd share the progress with you! So what do you think?
What are some of your non-writing summer projects? 
I'd love to see! 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Naming My Babies...

As many of you might know, I’m in the deep clutches of revision. Seriously, I’m drowning in the sea of confusion and crazy. Have you seen my tweets lately? 
This is totally normal and I love every moment of it because it means I’m doing something right. (At least thats what I keep telling myself to actually sleep at night) But all of this is beside the point. 
A few weeks ago, while I was on a writing break, I decided to put together a few ideas about my newest. This Shiny Shenanigans is a story thats going to be very different for me to write. It’s like nothing I’ve written before and I’m super excited. So I’m sitting at work (it was surprisingly quiet) and thinking of drafting my ideas, which I never do. I realized a long time ago I’m not much of an outliner. I’m more of a floater, pantser, randomly writing things down and then putting them together like a puzzle kind of a writer. What I also realized is that I can’t even write a sentence without having my characters named. Is that weird? 
Seriously though, I HAVE to name my babies before I can start anything. So I pulled up a few baby name websites and went to work. It took me a few hours before I could narrow down the names, and it was hard. I literally stood up and took a poll with my coworkers! I feel like if my babies are going to have a life, then they should be name before they start their journey (just like in real life). I got some awesome names by the way and I can’t wait to start on their little adventure. 
But for now, I’m crawling back into my revision cave. Bye Shiny Shenanigans!

Anyway, anyone else do this? Or do you name your characters after you’ve written some things? 
Much love, 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm ALIVE! and Scriver Moment of Panic

Forgive me for being gone my sweets! There has been alot of things going on recently that have taken me away from personal family stuff to WRITING!

Yes you have heard it correctly everyone. I have been writing--quite up a storm actually. I still am going through a rough patch with it but the more I punch through it, the easier it seems to get. I am past the dreaded middle, except for a few scenes, and onto the big reveal. There is alot of information going on in this part so I have to make it a tad more upbeat in the revision but so far so good.

Currently I have a few incentives going on to keep me going. My sister is begging to read it ever since she read the "first chapter" so she came up with a deal for me to write 2k words a day for 5 days a week and she would make me dinner and if I didn't, I had to make her dinner...wearing a terrible wig...for the blog...Yeah, not pleasant.

The next incentive was given to me yesterday that I had to write 14k words by Saturday and if I did, my friend would send me a surprise present. If I didn't, then I had to send him one...Yes it is a very long shot but if I do succeed then I could be a gal with some new awesome toy or coal...he did mention coal. If it is coal I'll trace him back by his return address and kick his lil butt.

So since I did the good of things, I might as well speak about the bad. Last night at 12:30ish pm I had the scare of my entire life. I returned home from seeing some friends to do a lil' writing before bed. I open my computer to see that it crashed. A small bit of worry but nothing to crazy when it loaded fine. I did some system checks while I clicked on my novel project in Scrivner. A pop up "THIS FILE IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH THIS VERSION OF SCRIVNER" and I almost fainted. The blood left my face and I may have went for the Home Alone scream face.


Panic punched me in the gut and I ran as fast as I could to the Tech forums to look for a fix. I realized there was some bug with the new update but it wasn't pertaining to my problem since I hadn't updated anything yet that I knew of. I looked around more and didn't find much. I did a broad Google search of the problem and to my luck I found a post a guy made about the exact same problem.

Come to find out with that version of Scrivner there is a bug that if your computer crashes it causes this monsterous disaster of doom--or at least that is how I saw it when I was half crying on the floor.

  1. Open up your project folder. The one that has the .scriv REMEMBER TO SAVE IT TO A FLASH      DRIVE FIRST!!!
  2. Open Files
  3. Open Version which is a txt doc. If there is anything inside there, delete it and replace it with 16 which is the magic number for this Version. 
  4. Then Save and Exit. 
  5. Open your project and it should open with ease. 
Now I am not sure if this works with everyone but it sure did bring me jumping with joy when it did open. I do save my files often but I should look into alternatives for when this does happen and I can't fix it. I'll be looking more into the compile feature too. I'm new to Scrivner since I've only had it a few months so I don't know all the Ins and Outs. So lovelies I am happy to say that Thank God it worked. Here is the original link that I read in case my explanation wasn't clear enough: Michael Coorlim Scrivner Bug Fix. Hope that helped someone like it did me!

I promise to be back in the loop with things now that some issues were taken care of. I'm making this whole writing thing the first on my list right now. I need to focus on it and the writing world included. If you know of some great writing blogs or blogs in general please pass them onto me. I need things to do during my timed writing breaks :P Until next time!


Book Review: Matched by Ally Condie

Matched [Book] 
Hey all, sorry I've been lax.  This single/divorced parent thing is kicking my butt lately and I am barely keeping up.  Think I got a hold of it now though.  In some of my time, I did manage to get a few books read.  Here's the latest:

Like many reviewers, the gorgeous cover of Matched pulled me in. I've had quite a few students say they kind of, sort of liked the book but that it was slow. Still, I had to read it. 

Personally, I enjoyed the book very much. The Society fascinated me and the energy and spirit of Cassia inspired me as well. The concept of choices and being led to believe that your life is ideal when you don't have to make them is curious. How many times have we all felt that way when we were overwhelmed and exasperated? Condie's use of that feeling to build a Society where you get exactly that is unique and well done.

In the beginning, I was so upset with Casia's grandfather for planting the seed of doubt about the Society in her happy, young mind. What really makes him any different from the Society--manipulating her thoughts and feelings through suggestion? 

When you step back and look at the interactions between all the characters and Cassia, you begin to think about our own society--how "free" are we really? Are our thoughts and actions truly a result of free will, or are we all unknowingly "going gently"? 

The love triangle is compelling (using a bit of the law of "bad boy" attraction that so many women understand). I haven't yet decided if I'm team Ky or team Xander. 

Well done Ally Condie. You have definitely made me think while entertaining me as well!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

When you do that thing you do..

Hello lovelies, 
As usual, it’s Friday and I have nothing to talk about. Well, I’m sure I have something to talk about but it always seems like everything has already been said so why am I even trying right? Wrong! 
This is what we’re talking about today. 
People often ask me “Where do you get your ideas?” and I tell them “The ideas hat!” Not really, but wouldn’t it be cool if there was an ideas hat? Like one of those Mad Hatter hats. Stick your hand in, and out comes an idea. The thing about ideas is that there is nothing new under the sun. Because of that, ideas can be found anywhere. A crack in the sidewalk - enter the postapocolyptic battle: Man vs Machine. A leaf falling off a tree - enter autumn in old Victorian era: The Girl Who Doesn’t Want to Get Married.  A loud car horn - enter an artist in NY looking for her way in the world: This Time I Will Sell My Work, Memoirs of a Starving Artist. 
As a writer I get ideas all the time. I really mean that, all the time. But the truth is, probably all of those ideas are just that, ideas. True, I’ve never tried, but I don’t think I can successfully write an epic fantasy. While I adore dragons, that is just not my way of writing. That thing that makes an idea a book is the voice of a writer. And a whole load of perseverance. I know I’ve talked about that one before, but it’s important to remember that work is a constant companion to any writer. My best friend told me last night: “Even the simple things are not easy the first time.” You do, you learn, you grow, and you get better. 
The point of this babbling is just to remind you to find your voice first and then you can stick your hand into the idea hat. Because whatever you pull out of there will be amazing, if you write it. It’s that thing you do, so do it well! 
Much love, 

Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm busy, how about you?

Hello dears,
How are you this fine Friday? Have you any plans for the weekend? I, sadly, don't, because everyone's Friday is actually my Monday. I know, how sad is that?
Honestly, I have no idea what to say to ya'll today. For the last three days I've done nothing but prep for Simplicity Blog Tour (which starts this Sunday, btw). I'm so super duper excited about it, it's insane!

Seriously people. Seriously.
You know what's funny though? I've been giving myself this "break" from writing to kind of recharge my batteries, but I've done nothing but write in the last week. I've written reviews, guest posts, blog posts, whatever else you can think of posts.
I never truly realized how much networking I do until that's all I do.
I  have a huge work thing coming up in two weeks, so after the tour, I'll be swamped with studying and memorizing things.
Can I just say I need an actual break from everything? Like a real vacation, where I don't do anything, but watch movies and hang out in the pool. Doesn't that sound nice?
But the reality is, life goes on and there is a bunch of things that need to be done daily. I don't exactly know why I'm babbling about my crazy schedule but I just thought I'd share. :) What do you guys have going on? Anything exciting I should know about?
Now, in the spirit of Fridays (and work Mondays), I have some laughter to share with you. :-)

Seriously, how can you not laugh at that? Also, here is some cuteness for you!  
I know, your day is complete now isn't it?
Anyway, I really hope you come stop by my blog tour this week. It starts with an intro post on my blog ( tomorrow morning. There's a sweet giveaway and everything. 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone while I go save lives!
Much love, 

Friday, June 8, 2012

What I do When I'm Not Writing...

Hello there lovelies,

Happy Friday! So you all know, or maybe you don't, but I'm taking a writing break. I have lots of things coming up in the next weeks so I've been trying to catch up and such. The blog tour is taking up a lot of time, and I'm still queries my newest, but I'm still taking some time for me. Which is how I came upon this particular obsession. Smash Books.
I'm an artistic person. I adore photography & art to pieces but lately I have been neglecting those part of my life for work and writing. So during my "break" I decided to start journaling a little & pick up a bit more of my photography again. So I found this, and I'm in love.

It's like scrapbooking, but not.
I'm calling it Pinterest in real life (and you know how much I adore pinterest). So yes, that's my de-stresser at the moment. 

What are some of the things you do in your spare time? 

Oh and by the way, have you seen my pretty author copies? 

Have I mentioned how excited I am for the blog tour to start? HUGS!

Much love, 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Cover Reveal: The Collector by Victoria Scott

I'm so excited to share this awesome cover with you! I know you'll probably be seeing it all over the internet today but I'm more than excited for this book so whatever. Just deal with it! ;-D (love you)


Dante Walker is flippin’ awesome, and he knows it. His good looks, killer charm, and stellar confidence have made him one of hell’s best—a soul collector. His job is simple, weed through humanity and label those round rears with a big red good or bad stamp. Old Saint Nick gets the good guys, and he gets the fun ones. Bag-and-tag. Sealing souls is nothing personal. Dante’s an equal opportunity collector and doesn’t want it any other way. But he’ll have to adjust, because Boss Man has given him a new assignment: Collect Charlie Cooper’s soul within 10 days. Dante doesn’t know why Boss Man wants Charlie, nor does he care. This assignment means only one thing to him, and that’s a permanent ticket out of hell. But after Dante meets the quirky, Nerd Alert chick he’s come to collect—he realizes this assignment will test his abilities as a collector, and uncover emotions deeply buried.

About Victoria:
Victoria Scott is a YA writer with a die-hard affection for the dark and humorous books. Her work is represented by the fabulous Laurie McLean of Larsen-Pomada literary agency. She has a master's degree in marketing, and is a member of the Writer's League of Texas and Teen Shiver.

Her first YA book, The COLLECTOR, will be published by Entangled Teen in 2013. And her short story, FOUR HOUSES, is available now through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

She currently lives in Dallas with her husband, Ryan.

Connect with Victoria:
Website  /  Twitter  /  Facebook

Add The Collector to your TBR pile on Goodreads

So seriously guys, what do you think? Because I kind of love it...A LOT! ;-D

Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Losing My Mind a Little....

So I have to apologize to pieces because today's post is nothing new, nothing original, and nothing by me! I'm so behind on a bunch of things, and yesterday was a crazy day that added a load of extra work (which I'll be telling you all about later). So today, today we're just going to enjoy some music and laugh a little.

One of my writing songs :-) Just because :) Dance!!! Ok, I'm out! Love ya all to pieces!!! (Don't you love seeing all the crazy that's driving my life right now? haha) 
Hugs, Valia

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fears and Genius

A friend of mine recently sent me this speech and I have watched it far more than I would like to admit.  This was one of the most inspiring speeches I've heard thus far about writing.  It has really helped me push on.  Without further ado, check it out before you read the rest of the blog.

First off, we will start with fear.  Elizabeth talks about the fears after her big hit Eat, Pray, Love.  Now I'm assuming you all watched the video, if you didn't, shame on you!  Didn't they teach you to listen in school?  Anyway, assuming that you watched it, she also brings up the fears she had before Eat, Pray, Love existed.  There will always be fears.  It doesn't matter if you conquer one, there will always be another to come and take his place in line.  Now this may seem as if you are never going anywhere but really you are.  Think of a time where you had trouble with something and were scared it would never happen. Now do you remember what it felt like when you over came that fear?  It felt wonderful didn't it?  I know for me, it feels like you are soaring high above and looking down on everything else for one small moment and in that moment, everything is perfect.  

I have fears just as much as any other beginning author.  Currently I am settling in at "are these crappy words ever going to come together into what I see in my head?" Or the well known one that Elizabeth brings up "You should just stop because you are writing the worst book ever written."  A part of me though says, yes that very well may be to someone else but to you, it won't be.  It will be this magical, wonderful little thing that you worked your butt off to make.  You will always have people who don't agree with you but you shouldn't let that stop you.  If everyone thought that way, nothing would ever get done and it wouldn't be the world that we have today with all the amazing stories, gadgets, etc. Can you imagine if the guy who created the internet was told he was crazy and never went for it because he was scared of failing?  I wouldn't be writing this post to any of you today if so.  *thank god he did because I'm far too addicted to the interwebs*

Like her, I also write with a barrier put up.  I don't do it because I'm trying to quiet the wants and needs of readers because who am I kidding?  No one knows who I am.  I do put one up to quiet out myself and the outside world. When I am at home, I put on these huge gaming headphones that drown out everything around me (and also make me look like an idiot).  The moment those go on, I feel focused.  It is almost as if it shuts everything, including me, out.  What is left is just the story hanging in the air and moving my fingers across the keyboard.   

I truly believe what Elizabeth says about the story being outside yourself and your "genius" or "daemon" or even "muse" is the one feeding you the information.  I would like to think it is all me but honestly, I never really feel like it is me that comes up with the ideas that I do.  I do believe that the story is out there and already exists and all you have to do is find it.  My ideas are always random.  It is similar to the story we were told of when Newton was hit over the head with an apple and he created the Law of Gravity.  Now I'm not saying an apple falls on my head every time an idea shows up, but it does happen at the strangest times.  Once, a major part of my story line for #ClassifiedNovel came to me as I cooked a Turkey Burger. #nolie  
The days that they don't show up are the hardest.  That I have felt in the last few months but unlike Elizabeth, I didn't keep writing.  Since my "Genius" didn't show up, I didn't either.  After watching this and also from reading a few other blogs with a similar theme, I have learned: 
1) It isn't always going to be easy.  There will be moments that the words just don't come. 
2) When the words don't show up, write anyway. They may not be the best words you have ever written,    but at least you will have something to show for yourself.  
3) Tell your "Genius" whose boss.  If they want to get any sort of credit or recognition, they better step up to the plate and do their part.  

I hope you all liked the video and at least got something informational from my ramblings.  If not, well there is always next time.  Don't forget to feed your "Genius" until then! *pssst* I hear they like music and good art. *wink*