About the Warehouse

Hey everyone!  Welcome to YA Warehouse. There are three of us here, ready to entertain and enlighten you in the ways of the writing world. 
In case you were wondering, I'm Nova Lovette and I'm a YA writer.  I am currently working away on my first novel which I have plans of being a series.  There are many other book ideas floating around in this crazy head of mine, but right now Classified Novel has my full attention.  I am going to be posting on Wednesdays in either blog form or vlogs; which I am still new at but I gotta mix it up somehow!  I hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for all the craziness that awaits you!

Hi! *waves* I’m Valia and I’ll be taking over Friday’s. I’m a superhero by day and a writer by night.  Sometimes I ramble. Sometimes I do it in vlog form, sometimes I do it in writing form, and I always do it in tired form. I have just completed Book One of the Secret Project and I’m finally taking a breath. Oh wait, it’s NaNoWriMo. Never mind. 
I’m also a photographer, so you probably will be seeing a lot of random pictures.

Yep, random. 

Hey all, I’m Christine Benson and I will be your Tuesday Blogger.  Why me you ask?  Well, over the past year I quit pretending that writing wasn’t important to me and began to actually pursue my lifelong dream of being published.  I used to open those huge, musty anthologies in my English classes and swear that one day I would be good enough to have my work studied by kids across the world.  Then, as poetry helped me dredge through my teenage years, I dreamt of someday becoming Poet Laureate.  Well, I’ve since learned that none of that can happen if you don’t sit down and write something.  The novel bug has bitten and I’m currently writing my first Young Adult novel which I plan to have drafted by the end of June 2012. This whole process of actually following my dream has revealed oodles about my writing process and me in general and I want to share those lessons with you.  I teach middle school by day, occasionally zombie by weekend, while parenting and writing the rest of the time.  In my life, there is music always, new experiences daily and a pursuit for my dreams in every breath.
Can’t wait for your feedback as you join me on this adventure in blog world!  Stay Groovy!!