Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Second Chances

Sometimes in life there comes a moment where you are at a crossroads.  It's there that you stand looking down both options like a Robert Frost poem, trying to decide what you want the most.  You could continue on the easy, yet sometimes confusing path that you are currently on or you can follow the unknown path of your hopes and dreams.

It's never an easy choice really.  At least not for some.  Comfortability is something that we want to hold on to.  It's like when a baby checks its steps before fully letting go and walking on their own or when a child is terrified to ride their bike without the training wheels, but that relieved and soaring feeling that rushes through your body when you accomplish something you set out to do, is one of the best feelings in life.  If you always hang on to the comfort, how do you ever expect to grow?

A wise person said yesterday that second chances aren't just given to you, you have to take them.  Well here is me taking mine and letting go of everything to find something exciting that makes my stomach jump like one does after a steep hill.  You have to find that in life because without it, it is no life at all.

And so, here I am taking my first steps onto a path I was too afraid to take until now.  That scared, terrified feeling of something new is only beginning and I can't wait to feel what comes next.  Who knows where this path might take me, but that's half the fun.


  1. Im a big advocate of second chances :-) I have a post like this somewhere on this site and I'm glad you're taking a step into the "path" :-D

    1. I didn't realize you did. Great minds think alike! haha I am glad too!