Friday, April 6, 2012

Guest Post: Perseverance by Robin Mellom

There were several times I wanted to give up in my path to publication, but it was the advice from other writers, agents and editors that kept me going.
I remember being a conference once and an author said, “If you’re getting good feedback on your writing, do the work and then wait in line for your turn.”
I really think that’s true. While we’re waiting for our turn, we have to do the work. Write the book. And then write another one. And then…yes…write another one. 
My first book that sold, DITCHED, was actually the sixth book I’d written. And I don’t regret writing those other books for one moment. They helped me develop my skills, find my voice and develop the confidence to take a concept like the one I came up with for DITCHED and do it in the way it deserved. I wasn’t ready to write that novel ten years ago. 
However, the gravy for this story? The very first book I wrote  (yep, ten years ago!)  is now being re-imagined and will be published as THE CLASSROOM in June. So you never know if something sitting in that drawer might season up nicely for the future. 

Robin Mellom wrote this post for my own blog but I felt like I should share it here again. Perseverance is something that we often overlook as writers. When people ask us what we do as writers they forget that it takes hard work. But the greatest thing ever is that we're not alone. There are others out there, working side by side with us, making a world a better place. That's right, writers do! Remember that!

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  2. Writing has always been my first love, though I am just a learner and don't have much knowledge about the same but working towards betterment. Would love to read this book of your. It sounds quite interesting.