Friday, April 27, 2012

Writerly Things

So yesterday, on my blog, I posted that I need to start talking about my own writing/writing in general a bit more. I’ve been so focused on doing reviews, guest posts, and In My Mailbox meme that I’ve neglected my own writerly things. So this post, even thought its not on my personal blog, is about my writing. 
Right now, I am working on my fourth book. I’ve written short stories and poems in between but this is book number four in my world of writing. It’s kind of crazy to think that I’ve written that many books. I know for some of you awesome people four books is how many you’ll write in a year. I am not that kind of a writer. It takes me a bit longer then some to finish a story (it took me two years to write Simplicity). My job, especially now, is really demanding and sometimes when I get home after a full day of saving lives and dealing with people, I can’t bring myself to even write a word. 
However, book number four is just a few chapters short of completion. As in I can see the finish line, I will be crossing it in the matter of days, I am so excited I can’t stand it! 

I looked back on this project and realized that I started it in January. I wrote a few bits and ideas for it at the end of last year, but didn’t fully start working on it till the beginning of this year. You realize what this means right? It’s been four months since the beginning chapter of my Secret Project and I’m almost done! 
I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this. I have to give partial credit for my success to my wonderful critique partner Farrah Penn (follow her, she’s fabulous). You can’t imagine how many times I’ve texted her with random things like “So I think I feel like killing somebody,” and “I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS I don’t know what to do!” Having someone to talk out a scene with is the BEST! Farrah, I’m hugging you through the computer. 
Anyway, I say all of this to tell you not to give up. To keep going. To reach for the stars. It’s the advice I’ve given over and over again, and will continue to do so because we all, myself included, need to hear it. We learn, we develop, we take chances on our own crazy imagination to create something that we love. Some days I truly do love it, and some days I wonder if I should even be writing. Yet, in the end, writing is like breathing. I need it, I want it, I like to keep my lungs from exploding in pain. 
So keep writing! 
Much love, 

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