Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nova on Being One

I've recently been reading alot of blogs and watching vlogs on writing, which of course has been taking me away from my own writing, but in the long run I have learned some interesting things.  I was trying to find the exact link to this particular post to share with you all, but I can't seem to locate it.  That'll teach me to start bookmarking valuable websites.  Anyway, this post talked about Method Writers.  How some writers have to put themselves into a certain mind set of their characters in order to experience everything the character does. Now, of course not all writers do this or Stephen King would be one crazy person to watch out for, but there are writers out there who follow the same path as Method Actors.

There are actors out there who have to get into their characters shoes by living parts of that characters life.  This includes maybe visiting/living in a place their character is from, doing certain skills or activities of that character, putting themselves in certain situations to see how their characters would react, etc.  Some writers have to do this as well and some need it in order to "Be One" with certain characters.  Lately I've been having trouble getting into my lead characters head.  There is just something about her that I seem to be missing and it is making the writing more difficult and feeling pushed.  I'm not so sure why I am not connecting and that is a huge deal because if I'm not connecting, then my readers won't connect.  This thought alone is making me slightly worried.

In the book No Plot? No Problem!  for NaNo, it talks about using certain items to trigger your mind that it is writing time, including wearing a certain hat your character, putting on a piece of jewelry, or maybe just sitting something on your desk that ties your character to you.  I believe that this is something similar to method writing.  Currently there are items on my desk that remind me of my characters but since I don't seem to write much at my desk, they have just become decorations.  Which leads me to putting myself into my characters shoes aka becoming one with HER.  I have been to the setting of my book which does help vastly but I need to find HER voice.  I have heard of writers looking into the mirror before they begin a writing session and tell themselves to become the character.  Looking into the mirror and saying such things kinda weirds me out, but I can see where they are going with it.  Maybe to find HER I need to BECOME HER.  I'm going to give it a try at least, I mean it couldn't hurt right?

Do any of you try this Tactic? I'm just curious if it has worked for any of you before.

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