Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nova *head desk*

Yes that is right, I am considering following through with the head desk if it stops the pounding in my head--not the voices, I like the voices.  Today I went to the eye doctor, which I haven't visited in @*&%@$ yrs, and I realize now why I hated going so much. Every freakin' time I get out of there, I have the worst headache any human can get.  See Migraines run in my family--thanks mom--and they didn't skip over me either.  My lovely torturer, err I mean Eye Doctor, shoved all these pretty vibrant lights into my eyes, stuck a tiny blue light so close to my eye that when I blinked my eye lids closed over it, he proved just how insanely blind I am, and dunked my eyeballs into yellow goop and blinded me with more lights.  But like the usual visits they smooth everything over with picking out your new glasses. I have a certain style that I love and the new glasses are within the same realm of the ones I currently have.  I also bought sunglasses which I haven't had the pleasure of owning since I got my first pair of glasses in the 5th grade.  I can't WAIT to give them a test run!  

To end on a slightly non-dramatic way I think I'm going to paste in some of my favorite website/blogs!  (I use this soooooo much and play it low under my music)   (I love her blog and I must say she has one great name don't ya think?)   (I can't express how much I have learned from her blog)  (cool program to check out)  (The Awesome)   (I will be signing up for this) ideas

Some are more on the fun side than crazy informational.  What are some of your favorite sites to visit?

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