Monday, February 13, 2012

Words to Live (and Write) By

There have been a number of posts lately that I've stumbled on - related to writing and the publishing industry, natch - that have just made me sit up, take notice, and say Yes. That. That so hard.

Some of these posts are not particularly recent, but that's the great thing about the internet: The advice sticks around. It's not going anywhere. And sometimes, it's just what I need to hear.

So in case any of you may find these posts as informative or encouraging or just downright timely as I have, I'd like to link to a few of them here:

Firstly, an article last month from Salon about The Death of the Celebrity Memoir.

An oldie that's made the rounds by now, but is always worth linking, is Rachel Stark's incredibly detailed and thoughtful analysis on Cover Trends in YA Fiction.

Adrienne Kress has a fantastic post about querying and seeking publication: It's Not About The Odds.

Just this month, rockstar agent Jenny Bent (of The Bent Agency) weighed in on some of the changes she's seen in her 20 years in the publishing industry: My How Things Have Changed.

And I just recently stumbled across an old post of Natalie Whipple's that I've had bookmarked for ages, called What I Really Want to Say to New Writers. Every word of it is gold.

So, friends! Have you ready anything lately that's particularly stuck with you? If there's anything around the blogosphere that you've enjoyed and think I've missed, please share in the comments!


  1. thanks for sharing these. I'm going to go check them out now!

  2. I'm grateful for the good advice and shared experience posted online. It's incredible, if you think about it. If I have a question, I usually can find a reliable answer by reading through author blogs or industry articles.

    I'm off to check out some of the links you shared (thanks!). I'm starting with "It's Not About The Odds."