Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm ALIVE! and Scriver Moment of Panic

Forgive me for being gone my sweets! There has been alot of things going on recently that have taken me away from personal family stuff to WRITING!

Yes you have heard it correctly everyone. I have been writing--quite up a storm actually. I still am going through a rough patch with it but the more I punch through it, the easier it seems to get. I am past the dreaded middle, except for a few scenes, and onto the big reveal. There is alot of information going on in this part so I have to make it a tad more upbeat in the revision but so far so good.

Currently I have a few incentives going on to keep me going. My sister is begging to read it ever since she read the "first chapter" so she came up with a deal for me to write 2k words a day for 5 days a week and she would make me dinner and if I didn't, I had to make her dinner...wearing a terrible wig...for the blog...Yeah, not pleasant.

The next incentive was given to me yesterday that I had to write 14k words by Saturday and if I did, my friend would send me a surprise present. If I didn't, then I had to send him one...Yes it is a very long shot but if I do succeed then I could be a gal with some new awesome toy or coal...he did mention coal. If it is coal I'll trace him back by his return address and kick his lil butt.

So since I did the good of things, I might as well speak about the bad. Last night at 12:30ish pm I had the scare of my entire life. I returned home from seeing some friends to do a lil' writing before bed. I open my computer to see that it crashed. A small bit of worry but nothing to crazy when it loaded fine. I did some system checks while I clicked on my novel project in Scrivner. A pop up "THIS FILE IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH THIS VERSION OF SCRIVNER" and I almost fainted. The blood left my face and I may have went for the Home Alone scream face.


Panic punched me in the gut and I ran as fast as I could to the Tech forums to look for a fix. I realized there was some bug with the new update but it wasn't pertaining to my problem since I hadn't updated anything yet that I knew of. I looked around more and didn't find much. I did a broad Google search of the problem and to my luck I found a post a guy made about the exact same problem.

Come to find out with that version of Scrivner there is a bug that if your computer crashes it causes this monsterous disaster of doom--or at least that is how I saw it when I was half crying on the floor.

  1. Open up your project folder. The one that has the .scriv REMEMBER TO SAVE IT TO A FLASH      DRIVE FIRST!!!
  2. Open Files
  3. Open Version which is a txt doc. If there is anything inside there, delete it and replace it with 16 which is the magic number for this Version. 
  4. Then Save and Exit. 
  5. Open your project and it should open with ease. 
Now I am not sure if this works with everyone but it sure did bring me jumping with joy when it did open. I do save my files often but I should look into alternatives for when this does happen and I can't fix it. I'll be looking more into the compile feature too. I'm new to Scrivner since I've only had it a few months so I don't know all the Ins and Outs. So lovelies I am happy to say that Thank God it worked. Here is the original link that I read in case my explanation wasn't clear enough: Michael Coorlim Scrivner Bug Fix. Hope that helped someone like it did me!

I promise to be back in the loop with things now that some issues were taken care of. I'm making this whole writing thing the first on my list right now. I need to focus on it and the writing world included. If you know of some great writing blogs or blogs in general please pass them onto me. I need things to do during my timed writing breaks :P Until next time!



  1. Dude, I need to talk to my friends about this whole incentive

  2. HA! Ya I call my sister "Slave Driver" haha!