Friday, June 29, 2012

Naming My Babies...

As many of you might know, I’m in the deep clutches of revision. Seriously, I’m drowning in the sea of confusion and crazy. Have you seen my tweets lately? 
This is totally normal and I love every moment of it because it means I’m doing something right. (At least thats what I keep telling myself to actually sleep at night) But all of this is beside the point. 
A few weeks ago, while I was on a writing break, I decided to put together a few ideas about my newest. This Shiny Shenanigans is a story thats going to be very different for me to write. It’s like nothing I’ve written before and I’m super excited. So I’m sitting at work (it was surprisingly quiet) and thinking of drafting my ideas, which I never do. I realized a long time ago I’m not much of an outliner. I’m more of a floater, pantser, randomly writing things down and then putting them together like a puzzle kind of a writer. What I also realized is that I can’t even write a sentence without having my characters named. Is that weird? 
Seriously though, I HAVE to name my babies before I can start anything. So I pulled up a few baby name websites and went to work. It took me a few hours before I could narrow down the names, and it was hard. I literally stood up and took a poll with my coworkers! I feel like if my babies are going to have a life, then they should be name before they start their journey (just like in real life). I got some awesome names by the way and I can’t wait to start on their little adventure. 
But for now, I’m crawling back into my revision cave. Bye Shiny Shenanigans!

Anyway, anyone else do this? Or do you name your characters after you’ve written some things? 
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  1. I do this to an extent. I feel like I can't really get the character right until I have the perfect name for them. Right now I have yet to name 2 characters that show up at the end of this book and it is driving me insane! Right now they are [LG] and [OM] until I can figure it out.