Friday, June 22, 2012

When you do that thing you do..

Hello lovelies, 
As usual, it’s Friday and I have nothing to talk about. Well, I’m sure I have something to talk about but it always seems like everything has already been said so why am I even trying right? Wrong! 
This is what we’re talking about today. 
People often ask me “Where do you get your ideas?” and I tell them “The ideas hat!” Not really, but wouldn’t it be cool if there was an ideas hat? Like one of those Mad Hatter hats. Stick your hand in, and out comes an idea. The thing about ideas is that there is nothing new under the sun. Because of that, ideas can be found anywhere. A crack in the sidewalk - enter the postapocolyptic battle: Man vs Machine. A leaf falling off a tree - enter autumn in old Victorian era: The Girl Who Doesn’t Want to Get Married.  A loud car horn - enter an artist in NY looking for her way in the world: This Time I Will Sell My Work, Memoirs of a Starving Artist. 
As a writer I get ideas all the time. I really mean that, all the time. But the truth is, probably all of those ideas are just that, ideas. True, I’ve never tried, but I don’t think I can successfully write an epic fantasy. While I adore dragons, that is just not my way of writing. That thing that makes an idea a book is the voice of a writer. And a whole load of perseverance. I know I’ve talked about that one before, but it’s important to remember that work is a constant companion to any writer. My best friend told me last night: “Even the simple things are not easy the first time.” You do, you learn, you grow, and you get better. 
The point of this babbling is just to remind you to find your voice first and then you can stick your hand into the idea hat. Because whatever you pull out of there will be amazing, if you write it. It’s that thing you do, so do it well! 
Much love, 

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