Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm busy, how about you?

Hello dears,
How are you this fine Friday? Have you any plans for the weekend? I, sadly, don't, because everyone's Friday is actually my Monday. I know, how sad is that?
Honestly, I have no idea what to say to ya'll today. For the last three days I've done nothing but prep for Simplicity Blog Tour (which starts this Sunday, btw). I'm so super duper excited about it, it's insane!

Seriously people. Seriously.
You know what's funny though? I've been giving myself this "break" from writing to kind of recharge my batteries, but I've done nothing but write in the last week. I've written reviews, guest posts, blog posts, whatever else you can think of posts.
I never truly realized how much networking I do until that's all I do.
I  have a huge work thing coming up in two weeks, so after the tour, I'll be swamped with studying and memorizing things.
Can I just say I need an actual break from everything? Like a real vacation, where I don't do anything, but watch movies and hang out in the pool. Doesn't that sound nice?
But the reality is, life goes on and there is a bunch of things that need to be done daily. I don't exactly know why I'm babbling about my crazy schedule but I just thought I'd share. :) What do you guys have going on? Anything exciting I should know about?
Now, in the spirit of Fridays (and work Mondays), I have some laughter to share with you. :-)

Seriously, how can you not laugh at that? Also, here is some cuteness for you!  
I know, your day is complete now isn't it?
Anyway, I really hope you come stop by my blog tour this week. It starts with an intro post on my blog ( tomorrow morning. There's a sweet giveaway and everything. 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone while I go save lives!
Much love, 

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