Friday, August 3, 2012

Letting your subject find you...

Hello lovelies, 
    This morning I woke up all confused about what day it was. My end days at work changed and so while normally today for me would be Sunday, it's not. It's Friday. Which means I have to write a post. *Let the panic set in*
    Don't get me wrong, I love having a writer centered blog (with some awesome ladies) but sometimes I'm just not exactly sure what to write. Then, inspiration struck! *BAAM* While I was browsing twitter I stumbled upon this link to an awesome article GO HERE (Thanks Veronica Rossi for always sending greatness my way) It's basically an outline of How To Write rules by Colson Whitehead. It's amazing! Seriously, you guys should go read it, it will help you. 
    Rule #2 is simple: Don't go searching for your subject, let you subject find you. Deep, I know! And I'm sure we've talked about this before, I'm definitely sure you've heard it, but sometimes it seems we forget how important this aspect is. 
    Even in my own writing, sometimes, I want to "push" things when I really shouldn't. For example, I'm in love with fantasy right now. Seriously, if you haven't read Throne of Glass & Seraphina you're missing out, majorly! In my own writing, I'd love to write a stellar fantasy, preferably with lots of dragons. Just look at this beauty!

    But I can't. I know for a fact, that right now, I'm not a strong enough writer for a fantasy. Right now, my mind and my writing are on thriller/mystery type of stories, with a bit of romance. That is what came to me and that is what I write well. While I'd love to someday follow my dream and create something awesome with dragons in it, that someday is now right now. 
   Letting a subject find you allows you to write something you love and something that others will love. If you're sitting in front of you computer, crying your eyes out because you want to make this story great, pushing it out with your whole being, and begging your characters to work with you, then maybe this is not the story you should be writing at the moment. (I have to say though, if that's how you write, then write, but it doesn't work for me) I had to do that. I have two great ideas on the back burner because I know for a fact I can't do them justice right now. And who'd want to read something if you wouldn't want to read it yourself? 
  Well, that is my two cents. Take it or leave it. But I really do hope that when you write, you write something you love. That's the most important part. 
What you think? 

Much love, 

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