Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Favorite Tools Part 1

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week I want to talk about my favorite tools. No not screwdrivers and such! Who am I kidding? I break things more than fix them. I'm meaning writing tools. I always love reading posts about what they must have within reach while writing. I like to compare what they are doing to my own process as well as learn some new things to try out. Lets get started!

I am really picky with pens. They have to be fast with the ink flow and feel good in my hand. I used alot of gel pens at first but after awhile they would get spotty with the ink when I wrote and I hated that! Not all of them do it but I got tired of testing them. Then I bought these little babies and I was hooked. They flow very fast and I never ever have a problem with them getting clogged. It is a wider writing size which doesn't bother me. I write very big anyway. I usually stick with the black and buy them in two packs. I do like the other colors as well but I don't use them on a regular basis but I more than likely will when I get into the editing phase of my writing. The teal and purple are sooo pretty on paper :D 

I am also a bit picky with my notebooks. I usually buy a bunch of different ones and never use them. HA I do the same thing with journals. I buy fancy leather ones or ones with pretty stationary but the same thing always happens with those--I feel I have to write perfect words in them and so they never get filled. These composition notebooks are super cheap, especially right now since it is back to school season. I usually stock up on them around this time because of it. I buy the ones that have about 100 pages in them and wide ruled because I write big. Composition makes a bunch of different designs and colors but I get the black and white styles. When I start a new one, I take sharpies to it and color in the white areas. It always makes me feel creative knowing I filled one and now I'm making a new one to fill. I also love how they are made of heavy cardboard because I tend to put them through alot. I've been using these notebooks since about 7th grade so I don't see these going getting discontinued anytime soon. 

If you have read my personal blog you know that I am a HUGE note card user. I use them to outline and make small notes that my brain spills out. I usually move those note cards over into Scrivner when I'm done. I like the option to move them around until I have all my scenes in the preferred order. I buy them around school season and stock up and get the Mead brand with lines but they also make them in plain. 

I didn't even know that these existed until I watched Jackson Pearce on a Liveshow. I sometimes put notes on my wall with post its and I was using just the regular ones. When I saw her post these suckers up, my mouth dropped open. I found them in stacks of 25 at Target for less than a dollar and all the main office stores sell them in larger stacks. The best thing about them that you can peel them and stick them without losing the same stickiness. 

As I write this, I have two of these in my office. One of them is hung up and the other sits right in front of me on my desk in the size of 24x36 The one on my desk has alot of character pictures and motivational quotes plus my favorite fortune cookie quotes. I'd show it to you but it has alot of secret stuff :P 

I also have two of these hanging in my office. I use them for my full adhesive post its because my office walls are textured so they don't stick well to them. Both boards are 24x36 like the cork boards. Currently they are filling up with notes on the #classified series and ideas for a different stand alone novel. 

I can't express how much I am in love with this flippin' app. I started using this about 8 months ago and instantly fell in love with it. I have a droid smart phone and of course it is always with me unlike my composition notebook. I use catch notes on the fly and even when I wake up in the middle of the night with a new idea. Instead of turning on the light to write it down, I just open up the app. One of the best features on it is the fact that you can organize your notes by hashtags! It saves your hashtags so you can pick from the list or add a new hashtag. Then you can view your notes by each hashtag if you choose. You can make txt, pic, and sound notes which I love. I don't use this just for writing but anything and everything in general. Plus the app saves it online in case something happens to your phone. You only have to re-download and sign in to view all of your notes unharmed. *love* 

I use PC and have never owned a Mac. I would like to give one a shot one day but it really isn't in my budget right now. I have two laptops: one for my writing which has a 15 in screen and the other with a 17 in screen that I use for my art. I also have a second monitor that I use when I am at home. If I am just surfing online or writing/researching, I have it hooked up to my laptop. I tend to multi-task so instead of tabbing alot, I use both screens. Sometimes I even have a movie or youtube going while I use the other monitor to surf. 

Check back next week for Part 2! 

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