Friday, March 2, 2012

On Waiting

        In author interviews I often ask this question “What is one thing you wish you knew before becoming an author?” And more often than not the answer to that question is “the waiting.” 
Jennifer Archer puts it this way:
“I wish I'd known how much time writers spend waiting! We wait to hear from agents and editors about book proposals we've sent. Then after the book sells we wait to do revisions. Once we've finished our part, we continue to wait while the publisher does everything they have to do to turn a manuscript into a book -- editing, layout, designing the cover, and more. We wait to see the cover art -- which is always SO exciting!Then the book is released and we wait for reviews, readers' reactions, and royalty checks!”
Right now, I’m waiting. I’m waiting to hear back from publisher, I’m waiting to hear back from agents, I’m waiting to hear back from writing buddy. You’d think by now the waiting would be like second nature, but its not. Its more like this. 

Because I’m keep thinking about all these scenarios  that could be and its freaking nerve-wracking! And while I’m still working on my super shiny new project, my mind keeps drifting back to the two that are out in the world. 
Now, here’s where I take a deep breath and get back on track. Because does it really matter what crazy scenarios I create in my mind? Does it help my stories if I worry myself into a sickness? No and no. This is the point of time where I let Dean tell me that: 
And Fez let me know that: 

And let me just hug y’all because you’re awesome and I love you! :-) 
No worries right? Let’s make a pact! What ya think? 
Much love, 


  1. old nemesis. I really need to work on this thing called patience.

    1. Haha me and you both! Patience, not my strongest suit. Im like that money commercial "It my book and I want it now!"