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Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield

So within the last month or so I have been asked by a few people to do some book reviews.  Normally I save that for Book Club each month.  I never really considered it before then because I honestly didn't feel I had much to say other than liking or disliking a book.  That was until Book Club.  While attending the last few months I have found that people value my input in each discussion and I also seem to bring up deeper thoughts on the book ideas.  I don't know if it is because I have started reading like a writer, which if you haven't tried it you really should, or something just all together.  Instead of stressing too much on the topic, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.  I mean...what could it hurt right?  (I sure am trying new things this week.  You'd think I was having a midlife crisis if it wasn't for me being 25.) 

Caitlyn is a telepath in a world where having any Paranormal power is illegal. Caitlyn is on the run from government troopers, who can enslave, torture, or even kill her, or make her hunt other Paranormals. When Caitlyn settles down in a city, she falls for Alex, a Normal (someone without Paranormal powers), which is dangerous because he can turn her in. And she discovers renegade Paranormals who want to destroy all Normals. Caitlyn must decide whether she's going to stay in hiding to protect herself, or take a stand to save the world.

I received this book through JKS Communications for review.  There were a handful of book I chose from them and Hunted was my first read pick of the bunch.  The book description pulled me pretty easily.  I kinda have a thing for supernatural elements in books so of course this one peaked my interest.  

The story follows Caitlyn who is running from Para Troopers, Military soldiers in charge of seeking out Paranormals like her herself, and Para Slaves, Paranormals like herself that the Government enslaves to help their cause. This girl has one tragic past that still eats at her and her Mother.  Not only was her brother kidnapped but she watched her father die, all in the same moment.  

Caitlyn is a very gifted Para and she learns more about herself and her powers as the story progresses further.  I really enjoyed being inside her head.  She is strong willed and shows no fear, even when it pains her. She fights for the good of her people and tries to make the Normals see reason without outing herself.  She writes an anonymous blog under Teen Para and informs the public to try to see reason of her kind.  Even when the Teen Para name becomes tainted from rumors, she stays strong.  

This book has all the good makings for a YA book: Magic, love, teen angst, etc.  I may have not agreed with some of the dialogue or certain parts of the writing style, but I did love the story.  The world building was very realistic given it was a magic element.  It isn't too far off from what could happen if Paras were introduced into our society.  It greatly resembles race issues in our past history, only Paras are a new category and can be of any gender or race.  

The beginning was a pretty easy read, the middle far more difficult, but the ending won me over.  Surprisingly enough Caitlyn wasn't my favorite character in the book.  It was actually her father.  You only get small glimpses of him but he is the tie that binds them all together.  She gets her strength from him and well as much more in the end.  I think without him, this would be a totally different story.  Also I was strangely drawn to the Motel Owner.  Her plot arch changed greatly from the beginning of the book to the end and became a defining factor for major events in the climax.  I really enjoy seeing characters who grow greatly through a story.  

Onto the love connection.  The very modern love connection between Caitlyn, Alex, and Rachel does take a back burner.  I like how it wasn't the center of attention.  What off put me at first was that when you meet Alex it is said how he doesn't date anyone...ever.  Then Caitlyn shows up and things change.  I felt this very cliche at first until you find out about Alex's past and why he distances himself from relationships.  Having that addition made me come around to it and love Alex even more than before.  

All in all it was a good read.  The slowness was made up for the fast read of the end.  the last 60 or so pages I read in one sitting.  Thank you JKS Communications for sending me a copy of Hunted!  For the rest of you, if you are interested in this book make your way over to Amazon and give it a shot!  Also check up the moving story about Cheryl and her past.  From hearing a little about her at the end of the book, it made me want to give her other book Scars a shot.  

You can find Cheryl on her WebsiteTwitter, and Goodreads

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