Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nova on House Renting/Writing Space

I believe it was last week I spoke about writing space.  I can usually write in most places but home seems to still give me trouble.  My sister came up with a reason for that.  See, I'm a talker, so if someone is home, I want to chat it up with them.  Currently I live in a small apartment with her and her steady bf who shares a different house about 40 mins from us.  Our apartment is closer to his work so he stays with us most nights.  My desk is in the living room, yes the busiest of all places so when I want to do something I write in my room on my bed.  I don't mind but it makes me sleepy most times and since the bed is right there.  All it takes is a yawn and I'm out before you can say Godzilla!  AKA the dilemma! The sleep..not Godzilla...Well Godzilla too but not at this moment. 

Our lease is up the end of next month so we have decided to give renting a house a chance.  We have never rented one before.  Since HS it has been apartments or townhouses.  My sister's bf will be moving in with us so we are looking for some place with a decent size and with that comes a higher price but when it's split between us, it really is close to what we are paying for our current apartment, which is about 3 times smaller than the houses we have been looking at.  I'd say paying 300 extra for that amount of space isn't too bad at all.  We are paying 625 for our two bedroom apt so if the house is 3 times larger...well you can do the math.  That is a heck of a deal.  Plus!!!! This is a big plus! We have decided to get a house with 3 bedrooms so I can have an office!!!

I have never had an office before.  I swear to you that when my sister suggested it, I jumped up and down.  I can just imagine it now: A room of my own to work in, a new desk, a reading chair, notes tapped all over the walls, bookshelves on one side, etc.  I just can't wait!  We viewed a beautiful place yesterday that both of us love.  Today we are taking her bf to look at it and if he agrees, we will be putting down the deposit so we can move in the end of April!  *does a happy dance*

I finally might have somewhere constant I can go to work everyday.  Until then, I force myself to write here at home while I dream of my new office.


  1. I totally get your dilemma. I'm like that too. I don't have a particular place in the house I work off right now because there's just too many people. I've started going to Starbucks and B&N for my writing time. But having an office is dream of mine! So YAY you! :-D

  2. TY for the comment! hehe Ya we just gave him our applications after looking at the last house today. We are afraid if we wait to long on the other, then it will be gone. You wouldn't believe the horrid houses we found. Think of a house in any terrible horror movie and these would be those houses. One of them we were even scared to touch anything without getting a terminal disease :S So we find out if the apps go through and if so then it is ours! We would be moving in the end of next month! I can't wait! We have never rented a house before! EEEK! Can you sense my excitement through the computer?