Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nova on Hibernating

Now if any of you are like me out there, then you always end up in hibernation mode during Winter.  I'm talking full fledged, hate to come out of the covers, wear a gloves and hat to bed kinda thing.  Ok I didn't wear gloves to bed but I have worn a hat to bed this Winter.  Every year when Winter rolls around I get in the weirdest funk.  It is almost like my brain is frozen and the creativity is as dull as light outside.  It is hard for me to get even normal, everyday things done.

If you have been paying attention to the weather in the Mid-west, or any part of the country, you have noticed the crazy change we have been undergoing lately.  It's March and currently we are in the mid 80 degrees.  It is natural that we can get a few warm days around this time but this has been a constant 2 weeks.  Now, I'm not complaining at all for having amazing weather this early and the great affect it is having on my mental thoughts, but I am dreading the rest of the Summer.  The news is saying this will be the worst year for bugs since the cold didn't kill them off.  I'm not a bug person so naturally I am not too thrilled about this one bit.  Mosquitoes are drawn to me like crazy because of my sweet self *wink* But really, if it's 80s now, what the heck is it going to be in August?  I don't even want to imagine my melting self.  I think I will be spending much of my time in the basement of our new rental house.  I guess I will hibernate twice this year.

Btw!  News, news, NEWS!! We did get our house and this someone gets an office!! That is right!  My first office ever!  I can't even contain the happy dancing.  I have already started planning what it should look like.  When we are all settled in, I'll do a post with new house pictures!


  1. At least you dont live in AZ! Lol be thankful for small favors! and YAY OFFICE!!!! Enjoy! :-D

  2. Sorry for some reason my reply didn't show up and I just noticed it :P Some of my family lives in Surprise, AZ and I've visited. I have no idea how you guys can live there. I'd be dying!