Friday, December 30, 2011

Let it Snow!!! (and winners)

So yesterday I went to find snow. You see, in Arizona you have to go places in order to see a white Christmas. So my best friend and I took a little road trip. And we found snow, lots of it!

The significance of this is that it was the best kind of vacation. I started revisions again and my head is exploding. No, seriously, its a mess. A big messy mess. My mini vacation was only a day and half but it was pure heaven. You know how I know? Because my revisions are rocking. 
Anyone else take vacation (even a mini one) this holiday season? Where did you go? 
Now, I know you all dying to know who won our Holiday Giveaway. Well, here are the winners!
Deann Fox
Pao Parente
Jessica S.
You have 48 hours to reply to your emails or we pick new winners!! I’m off to my revising cave! Have a wonderful New Year everyone!!! 

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  1. Wow! Thanks! Sounds good, what a way to say goodbye to 2011! (email sent)