Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Write What You Live

I know the concept isn't too hard to grasp but for a writer it is easier said than actually done.  Most writers--not all writers--like the home body kind of life. I like it sometimes as well.  What's not to like about it?  You get to chill on your couch for hours on end, read, be sheltered from the world, etc but that is just it.  You are sheltered from reality.  Yes certain things are scary but you know what, do them anyway.  Once you do, record everything about the event.  How did you feel?  What was the room like when it happened?  Who was with you?  What did they say or do in reaction?

I'm about to get personal up in here yo'

It's been awhile since I have had a serious relationship.  I got out a super long one a couple years ago and didn't have the heart to give to anyone until I could give it to myself.  I'll admit I was also scared.  I was scared of letting someone in.  Recently the love connections have started to pick up and one in particular has started to interest me.  (now stay with me...this is going somewhere)  I've been writing more in the Classified Novel but it has been hard getting my characters love connection just right.  I know they feel it but the words just weren't matching until the love connections in my life started escalating.  It seems strange until you really think about it.  I truly believe that all good writing has an author behind it who really grasps what the characters are feeling.  Yes, characters have a strong voice and some can do all the work for you, but I believe the best writing comes when you are connected to the subject.

I feel like I have refreshed my Well on love:  I know what I feel when someone brushes the hair out of my eyes, how my cheeks burn when he locks eyes with me, and how much you miss them the second they leave your sight.  Who would have known this would have brought just as much fire to my writing.

Lesson for the week, get out there and do something you wouldn't normally do.  You maybe surprised on how much you will enjoy it and how much valuable info you gain.    

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