Friday, December 16, 2011

Once Upon A Time

       I was having a discussion earlier today with fabulous Leigh Fallon. Halfway through the discussion I realized we were discussing a show, and I was quite into it. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love shows! I love movies. Anything with pretty pictures on the screen, sign me up! But what I find hilarious is how involved I get in these things. 
Stories. They get me every time.
       Then I started thinking, why is this show so interesting? What makes me what to go back to it, week after week? Is it the fairy tale aspect? Is it the awesome characters? Or how about the plot line of two worlds? But in truth, it is all of those things and more. Not one of the aspects I mentioned could be as gripping if they were a stand alone fact. 

Someone please bring him back!
That is what I want my writing to be. I want my characters to jump off the pages. I want my story to be so breathtaking that you want to turn to the next page. Most of all, I want something that will stay in your hearts forever like those fairy tales do. Yes, I want a lot of things. Sometimes I feel like those who don’t write don’t really understand how big of an undertaking something like a story truly is. Would you be willing to kill off a beloved character? Seriously, did anyone else NOT see that coming? This is what I’m talking about. Taking risks, pouring your heart into your work, being fearless. This is the kind of a writer I want to be. How about you? 
Much love, 

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  1. I'm not over what transpired on Once last week. They NEED to bring him back.