Thursday, December 15, 2011

So it is Wednesday right?

This is what my head says EVERY Thursday. That it is Wednesday even though I watched American Horror Story last night. Which obviously airs on... Wednesday. So I am sitting here in my Iron Knight pajamas (yes, I haz those) when I get a tweet from one of the Warehouse wives... "Darling, did you forget its Thursday? :-)". You know how wives are, always reminding you of stuff... I don't want to forget anymore and I have a crap ton of commitments, and I have the plague. If I miss next week you will know I was taken in the prime of my life by the black death. Please buy my book postmortem. Speaking of commitments I thought I would give you the schedule of my day:

7am - up to rush husband and kids out of the door.
7:45am- coffee and email.
8:00 am- Facebook and Twitter.
9:00am - Musa Publishing work.
11am-Social media.
12pm- lunch and shooting any videos I need to do for InterrobangYA and such.
1pm- reviews and blog work at Bookalicious
2pm - go get daughter from school.
2:30pm - homework ugh.
3:30pm- revise my book.
5:30pm - cook dinner

Then after that I revise some more, do some more work or just watch TV (American Horror Story) with the husband. Weekends are all filled up with family time and there are tons of other things that happen on any given day. Packages, I start my new agent-y work in January and calling my Mommy. Yes, I call my mommy.

And now I will leave you with the most awesome video I have seen floating around online today. I love the holiday season.

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