Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nova On Losing Words

I don’t know about all of you writers out there but I am having a hard time finding the words.  I get like this sometimes and I know my friend does as well.  We had this conversation last night that he was having a hard time finding the words.  Yes I am expressing words as a physical thing—to me they are. They go from your head or universe and then onto the page as a final work of art, producing a physical piece in front of your eyes.

He was describing the last few days that, not having a lack of motivation, but for some reason the words had just went into hiding.  I’ve been feeling like this myself lately.  It isn’t that I don’t want to write.  It is far from that. When I sit down at my lovely new computer with all my notes and outline spread out, it’s like someone shoves my hands into cement.  I would say I rarely have this problem but that would be a lie mostly to me than to you.  Some days I push myself to write, not because I don’t like it, but because what I am writing isn’t the words I see in my head. I know they are better up there but for some reason they just don’t come out. No matter how hard I try, they kick and scream and cling on by their nails to stay there.

Is it because my mind isn’t feeling inspired right now? Or is it because I just have so many other things going on that I need to get rid of from my mind? I’m not sure. I know you just have to push though it because you can always go back to it and fix them another day but it still makes you feel like crap when you know the words are up there.  *shakes brain*

Do any of you ever feel like this? I know it’s normal and sometimes it only lasts a few days but what do you do to jump start yourself again?

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