Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where Did YOU Come From?

When I first started writing my novel I only saw the two lead characters.  I saw scenes with them together and seperate but never with anyone else.  As I started writing small scenes that I saw in my head--I didn't know how writing a novel worked, let alone an outline--the character that I thought they were, turned out to be totally different.  Here I thought my female was going to be sad and depressed the whole book but she is strong willed and sassy; far more sassy than I expected her to be.  Then HE came along and I thought he was going to be this typical sweep you off your feet type but no, he can equally be caring and sarcastic.  The two of them together just have this chemistry that I wish I would have with someone.

The more I wrote about these two, the more other characters hopped in to give their two sense on the matter.  The lead female's best friend to be is far more sarcastic than all of them put together.  The things she says even surprises myself.  I like to think it was me who came up with the witty comments but I know it's all her.  Have you ever wrote a character like that?  Someone who says the most interesting things, but you have no idea how you could even come up with someone like that?  That goes for the DARK characters too.  The evil and vile things that they do to others disgust you but it came from some part of you deep down.  Or did it?  Where does it all come from?  Is it out sourced from a blend of movies, games, or real life? I could never pin point it because all of that has such a huge impact on me the way it is now.

Where do you come up with some of these amazing and also the deadly characters in your stories?  

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