Friday, November 18, 2011

Your subtleties They strangle me I can't explain myself at all

title courtesy of It Ends Tonight by All-American Rejects

So this week has been a little depressing. Anyone else have weeks like this? It happens, and not just in writing world, but in the ‘real’ world as well.

My mind is an abyss of depressing things and that’s been my writing lately. Not only depression, but like crazy gory and insane. Have you seen The Walking Dead show? You know the part in every zombie movie where the hands of the undead reach through the closed doors or windows and your whole body shudders in fear? Yep, that’s me, writing.

But this is not what my post is about. It’s actually about laughter. Ha, you didn’t see that coming huh? I think we as writers, often forget to laugh. Especially during the revising stages. That’s what Im talking about here. Revisions and laughter.

Sometimes, I think, I forget to laugh while I’m revising. I sit there, staring at my pages, screaming “WHY AM I SO HORRIBLE AT THIS?” Right before I start screaming, “NO ONE IS GOING TO READ THIS CRAP!” I’m a failure. I’m a nobody. Why did I write such stupidity?

This is where I need to unwind (which I talked about last Friday) and laugh. A lot. Writing is hard work. It’s WORK. Those who don’t write don’t understand how incredibly hard it can be. But we as writers, sometimes forget how much fun it can be. So here is some fun and laughter for all of you wonderful people out there.

You’re welcome. I accept book and coffee gift cards as offerings of gratitude. *Bows*

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies! Hope your day is filled with laughter!

Much love

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