Friday, January 6, 2012

I Kissed a Writer and I liked it!

Hello lovelies, 
So this week its my turn to cheat a little. Not that I'm really cheating I just wanted you all to have the opportunity to read this post (yes yes). 
A few days ago Michele Shaw (follow her, she's awesome) posted this little blog post. I read it, I laughed, I showed it to all my friends for future reference, and now I'm sharing it with ya'll. 

The title of this post is the phrase I want everyone to say in the new year. I think there should be bumper stickers! T-shirts! Barbie dolls wearing the T-shirts! Coffee Mugs! A new logo on the Red Bull can! And...and...did I miss anything? 

Well, anyway, the reason for this phrase should be obvious, but for those who don't know, writers are quite loveable if you get past the quirks and don't need a lot of attention. 

We have many, many good points. For example:

1. Soft lips. We use a lot of Chap Stick. All that hunkering down in the dry air requires copious amounts of lip balm.

2. Virtually wrinkle free. We never go out in the sun, so that unlined baby's bottom skin is ours! (disclaimer: Most of us aren't vampires.)

3. We go green. While we consume our fair share of electricity, our footprint is low when you consider the lack of showering, and wearing the same shirt for a week really saves on laundry.

4. We create jobs. The coffee industry stays vibrant and healthy due to writer consumption of their product. Even if all non-witers quit drinking coffee, the bean would still be in high demand.

5. We make a cheap date. Take us to the library, sit and discuss books for a few hours, then spring for a bag of chips from the vending machine on the way out and we're set.

6. We're good listeners. It's all about YOU! We like for YOU to do most of the talking. That is...if you're answering our research questions about how you hold your fork, when you lost your virginity, or what's the best way to kill someone with a can of hairspray. 

7. We're generous with your free time. We'll never complain about how much time you spend playing video games or watching You Tube videos. That just frees up more time for us to write.

8. We have interesting friends. Do you know many people who sit around and talk about the best way to write a sex scene (in detail) and consider it all in a day's work?

9.  We're easy to please at gift time. One solid trip to the office supply store and you're done for the year.

10. Writers are freaking cool.  Nuff said.

I think everyone should kiss a writer...then go get the shirt.

For more Michele inspired fun go to her website:
Or her twitter:!/veertothewrite

Much love, 


  1. I am SO a cheap date. Take me to BN, let me browse and drink some hot chocolate, and i'm good.

  2. Thanks for adding my post, YAW! I hear ya, Prerna:) I just hope B&N doesn't go the way of Borders.