Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nova is....Sick :(

So I had this blog all planned out or shall I say vlog.  I was going to surprise you all and post something all great for the first Wednesday blog of the year but alas, I am in bed with a terrible cold.  Currently I am struggling to breathe and don't even get me started about the stuffy nose.  I don't understand how a nose can be runny and stopped up all at the same time.  So since I have been in bed I have been getting some reading done.  I have almost finished this current book in a few hrs.

The reason I am not going to name it is because I want to bring something up about it without being detailed.  You know how films say the title of the movie in the dialogue?  Well this book has said not only the title of the book multiple times, but also the chapter titles.  Is it just me or does that bother anyone else?

Stick around for next week for a vlog because I am dying to do one for you all! Send meds to me like they do in The Hunger Games and I shall forever be your best friend! Toodles!

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