Thursday, January 5, 2012

What to do when Steven Spielberg steals your idea

I had just finished the first draft of my book when the interwebz began to buzz about this hot new show from Spielberg titled Terra Nova. I knew immediately that I had a problem. My book was titled Terra Nova. Its all about virtual reality and building new worlds and of course the Berg was gonna PWN my tiny manuscript. I hated him for a moment with the white hot passion of a million suns. Then I realized. Terra Nova was easy. It was wholly unoriginal and I could do better if I put my mind to it. While I miss having the ease of everyone knowing what the term Terra Nova meant, I had to dig a little deeper to find something of my own.

In the end my husband found it. Sekai is the Japanese word for The World and since my story is set in Tokyo we chose Sekai Virtual which roughly translates to world virtual. It took some digging and it took some time but I think my name is way better than Spielberg's... don't you?

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  1. lol, hate when that happens! But I like the new title better.