Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nova on Novel Playlists


So I am sure you have all heard of this before. It isn't something that is kept under lock and key though authors do usually wait until their book is released to post about their playlists.  A novel playlist, in case you haven't heard about it, is when an author lists together songs that help push them along in the writing process.  Depending on the author, it can be songs that pertain to their plot, characters, settings, feelings, etc. When you have the right music or inspiration, it can help all that much more during the writing process.  In my case, it helps me get into a certain feeling while I write a scene.  I've even had a certain song inspire a whole scene altogether.

When I sit down at the computer to focus on my work, I have to listen to something more soothing instead, say something like techno or screamo--which I can't stand screamo in the first place unless it is Flyleaf.  Usually I go for things with a strong guitar or piano leads because for some reason those tones help me focus more.  I do run into moments where I want to sing along though, which makes things a lil' more difficult but it is hard for me to write without something going on in the background.  I can however write in a coffee shop/bookstore with no music as long as I have headphones on to muffle the conversations.

I've been collecting songs for my novel playlist for quite awhile.  I have ones for certain characters, lists for certain emotions, and ones that fit perfectly into my story.  There are times when I feel like I've heard each song a million times so I just switch over to and pick an artist who has a similar tone to what I am writing and let it go for hours.  That is also the way I find some amazing new artists. I tend to go for artists who are less mainstream as of right now and a little on the folkie side.  No I'm not meaning knee slapping hillbilly music but if you ever watch The Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, or Pretty Little Liars then you have an idea of what kind of music I lean towards.

Not only does playlists help out the author while writing, but I've seen many authors post their playlists for their readers so they can read along with music the author chose. Maggie Stiefvater posted one for her Mercy Falls books. Check out Forever's Playlist Here!   I think she has similar posts for all of her books but I just posted the one for now. And if you don't follow Maggie's blog, shame on you! She is wonderful and is amazingly entertaining.  If you are curious if there are author playlists for your favorite books, I suggest that you check out the author's website/blog.  They are usually pretty easy to find.

Once Novel playlists started getting pretty big on the net, something new popped up, fan made playlists.  I'm not just talking about songs that readers combine together on what reminds them of their favorite characters, I'm talking about actual songs that readers have created.  There are some amazing and talented fans out there and it is always amazing to see how one person's work inspires anothers.  Some of my favorites have been The Hunger Games Project and The Mitch Hansen Band. Check them out if you haven't!

I'm not going to post my playlist just quite yet but I will list some of my go to artists below.  What kind of music do you listen to while you write?  Do any of you share similar ones to my own?  I'd love to hear!

Without further are some of my favorite writing artists:

The Afters
The Avett Brothers
Brandi Carlile
Dashboard Confessional
A Fine Frenzy
David Cook
The Fray
The Script
Peter Bradley Adams
Sara Bareilles
Beside Lights
Brooke Waggoner
The Civil Wars ( I can listen to them all day.  They are one of my favorite artists)
Damien Rice
Ray Lamontage
Dry The River
Erin McCarley
Glass Pear
He is We

Ok that gives you an idea. If you want some recommendations let me know and I'll add some more to the list.  Enjoy!!

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