Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nova on Pushers

No I'm not talking about Pushers as in the book or movie, but about people in your life that push you along to finish your goals.  You see, I don't have problems staying on task--really I don't...ok that's a lie but I try my best anyway.  There are times that I get side tracked with how many things I have to do in a given week or even in a given day.  I'm not making excuses because most of the time it's my paying job that takes up so much of my time.  It isn't like I have any normal job either.  What I do for a living currently gives me crazy hours and not so much down time.  I love what I do but sometimes I wish I had more time to just sit and write.  While I'm working, I dream of sitting at home in the quiet, with the smooth feel of keys under my fingers.

There are times when I'm off work and have every plan to write, but for some reason the words don't come or something else comes up.  I know you are suppose to make time for writing and trust me I do, but there are times that I need a nudge, or on worse days, a shove.  My family and friends are my pushers.  There are some who are far harder on me than others.  I would say that I don't like it but really I do.  Having them push me makes the reward of hitting each word count goal that much sweeter.

Who are your pushers?  Do you get on yourself more or do you have someone in particular who pushes you to be better?

Also I would like to officially say on record that I have made a first draft deadline of March 31st.  If I do not reach this said goal then a punishment is made--vlogbrothers style.  I will record myself doing the punishment for the world to see.  If you would like to add to the list of punishments, leave a comment below or tweet me @novalovette


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